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I have discovered that walking a very narrow path leads to broad places of peace, contentment, and provision. I work as a freelance consultant in the areas of cultural heritage, public history and museums, From 2009-2016, I was the executive director of the Bolduc House Museum in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, (now called New France - the OTHER Colonial America, an eighteenth century French colonial historic site and National Historic Landmark.) My PhD is from the University of Leicester's (United Kingdom) Department of Museum Studies. My research looked at the interpretation of diversity at the American Historic House Museum. I also developed and facilitate an inspirational program for Christian grandparents, Gathering Grandparents.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Looking for a courageous editorial team for such a time as this

Over the past week I have been revisiting my files where I have kept the writing I have done since the early 1970's. There is a large body of work in many genres most of which deals with topics and issues of faith. It is time to push some of these works forth where they can accomplish the purposes for which I labored over them. Some, like a book about leading preschoolers to intentionally encounter, experience, and engage with God, have been in the works since I was a new mother. Now, a grandmother, I feel qualified to finish it. Other pieces have been researched and are waiting to be turned into books of meditations - one on Ecclesiastes, one on the Old Testament enemies, Ammon, Philistia, Moab....for example. Others are fiction - plays, short stories, children's books, novels, a murder mystery - some in draft form, some, like Pastor's Ex-Wife, are finished and available on Amazon as a Kindle book-this one could probably turn into a movie. Of course there are the published books - St. Louis Gateway Rail - the 1970's published by Arcadia, the Eye Can Too! Read series of e-books that provide graded activities for homeschoolers that improve learning-related vision skills and was originally published by Home School Inc. and has now reverted to me, the Prayerwalk St. Louis Guidebook, and a group Bible study guide: Strategic Prayer Guide.

Writing has been a consistent priority since I was in about the second grade. It has always been my goal and passion as well as how I process my emotions, my faith, and my thoughts. There are poems and articles written, sold and waiting. There is another body of academic work. Some essays could be published as smaller pieces. I am writing a PhD dissertation for a doctorate in museum studies through the British University of Leicester that will be finished by February 2016. This is a challenging look at the interpretation of past intercultural interactions at American Historic House Museums that I hope will become a very useful tool for these museums.

So now, I am looking for an editor, publisher, distributor who can provide me the space to write enough to produce an income stream for the imminent retirement years (turning 60 in 4 months....)

Monday, October 05, 2015

This makes me happy

Feathers, flowers, flavors, textures
Birds, butterflies, cows and other creatures
Even bugs armored and glistening in the grass
When the sun strikes and iridescence replies
Accompanied by thrumming and the drumming beat
Of beak against tree supporting
Song bird melodies
Pierced by staccato bark moo shriek
Wind wafted fragrances cedar and sea salts
Wrapping wind releasing rainbow skies

c. 2015 - By Lesley Barker