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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Now Available for Sale as a Kindle e-book

Here it is at last - read the story of Terry Soldan as the anonymous church critic and the ex-wife of an abusive pastor on your Kindle.

This has been posted for almost three years on Authonomy.com where it received many interesting comments from the readers there. Most of them are aspiring authors who compete for ratings in the hope that they will interest an editor in their books. I appreciate the feedback and have made some changes to the book itself based on it. I removed it recently from Authonomy because my goal is to sell this book.
Even more than that, my goal is to attract a readership of women whose stories resonate with Terry's. Hers is fictitious but it takes the reader on a romp through the spectrum of the contemporary American Protestant church scene. My hope is to provide a catalyst for a cultural conversation about authentic faith, abusive religiously empowered authorities, and wounded families. My fiction revolves around themes of authentic faith in abusive marriages. My goal is to provoke healing and honesty. Full disclosure may indicate that I admit to being a serious believer in the resurrection and Lordship of Jesus Christ - but the reader of Pastor's Ex-Wife won't be beat up by my doctrine. Hopefully, the readers will laugh while the tears flow because of the interconnecting truth and pathos of the book sprinkled with frequent dashes of humor. At least that is my hope.

If I ever write a sequel to Pastor's Ex-Wife, it will be based on the letters and emails from the readers recrafted as "Dear Terry" letters in her weekly religion column. Hence this blog. Pass it on. Thanks for reading.

Lesley Barker