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Friday, February 20, 2009

Pastor's Ex-Wife gets comments from online readers

The complete manuscript of Pastor's Ex-Wife, by Lesley Barker, is posted online at www.authonomy.com. Anyone can read it there - if you want to post a comment on that site you have to create a free profile. If you want to post a comment or a question here, just go right ahead. My goal is to start a conversation about authentic faith and dysfunctional marriages. It is to confront an issue that the Protestant church has as much of a problem with as its Catholic cousin - clergy who abuse their positions and their flock - here, their wives. While some readers find the story too heavy, others find it filled with humor. Here is a sampling of what some readers are saying about it:

One reader found it amusing and true to church life:
"Church with a little wry humor? Can life get any better than that?...Lesley, you've got a great sense of humor and know the inner-workings of the church!"

One reader identified too much to keep reading:
"I think this book could generate some powerful conversations, and perhaps even help some people. Please excuse me for not reading any further-- at least for now. I have some old demons locked away, and I banished them by writing an autobio a few years ago, just to purge them from my system and let me move forward with my "second chance" in a healthier way. As tightly as I think I've closed that door, however, it only takes something like your story to push it open again."

One reader thanked me for telling Her story:
How can I thank you for writing this book? As a 17+ year, abused wife of a world-known, well-respected minister, I'd felt as if I, and others like me have been 'in the closet'. I hope Christians and Church Leaders alike will recognize the relevance and validity of your book. It had me bouncing between laughter and tears! Mostly, it amazed me because I felt as if you were telling my own personal story!! Please know that there are many of 'us' out here, and we all thank you for bringing our plight out into the open. God Bless You!!!

Since what I really want to do is start a conversation, I hope this smattering of responses helps lure new readers to take a peek. Thanks - in advance. ~ Lesley