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I have discovered that walking a very narrow path leads to broad places of peace, contentment, and provision. I work as a freelance consultant in the areas of cultural heritage, public history and museums, From 2009-2016, I was the executive director of the Bolduc House Museum in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, (now called New France - the OTHER Colonial America, an eighteenth century French colonial historic site and National Historic Landmark.) My PhD is from the University of Leicester's (United Kingdom) Department of Museum Studies. My research looked at the interpretation of diversity at the American Historic House Museum. I also developed and facilitate an inspirational program for Christian grandparents, Gathering Grandparents.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Moving Forward

I've had the manuscript for Pastor's Ex-Wife posted on Authonomy.com for two years now. It has provoked many comments often about how courageous the subject of the book is. In these two years I've experienced profound personal transitions - the last child moved out of the home and went to college, another child got married, a new grand-daughter was born, I took a job as the director of a small historic site museum and because of the job moved out of the St. Louis area. Needless to say, the routine of blogging and attempting to get traction with a publisher for my novel has suffered. At the same time, I bought a Kindle, which I love, and have discovered that I can self publish the novel to the Kindle format using Amazon.com as the publisher. It is an idea that intrigues me especially because the readers are moved by the story and connect with the characters but the publishers can't settle on what genre the story fits. Maybe they just don't want to take on such a hot potato as Protestant clergy/spouse abuse issues even in a fictional context. For the next while I'll go back to editing the manuscript and then attempt to sell it via Amazon unless a courageous editor/publisher emerges to help me to follow a more traditional route. It's not like I've never been published....